Selling property is a complex transaction requiring time, effort, and patience. Selling a property in today's market, at its full potential value, requires the expertise and experience of a real estate professional.

FOR SALE BY OWNER-8 things to consider
'For Sale by Owner' may be the four most tempting words in the world to a homeowner who feels the need to earn every penny from the sale of his or her property, but rarely do such solo ventures yield the results a professional can help you achieve.

If after reading this entire passage, you still elect to venture into the For-Sale-By-Owner-World alone,,, please, call, there are ways I can help for very, little money, a one-time entry fee of $500, will at least get you listed into the MLS.

However, before taking on this venture, please consider There are numerous advantages to working with a licensed real estate agent, pay special attention to reason #6:

1. A real estate agent has unique access through their professional memberships to widespread local market information and will rely upon comparative market analysis data to establish a fair market price for your property.

2. Real Estate Agents have professional sales training and understand how to merchandise your home and get it sold within a reasonable time period.

3. Your Real Estate Listing Agent will work to represent your interests as the seller and maintain objectivity in responding to buyer objections, and in presenting offers and counter offers until an agreement is reached (as many times as it takes until the sale closes). Your agent will handle all aspects of your transaction from the start of the listing until the sale closes.

4. Real Estate Agents have the capacity and resources to appropriately advertise and market your home in accordance with local laws and to suit your desires and needs, they have the capacity to reach other agents through our Multiple Listing Service, as well as the entire public, which will help bring a far wider range of qualified buyers to your front door. Your agent will bring more approved and serious buyers through their professional screening skills, and save you time in avoiding "fall through" deals. In addition, they will handle all calls and inquiries related to your property and arrange showings with your convenience in mind, may conduct open houses if you so desire, devoting as much time as it takes to market your property until a buyer is found.

5. A Real Estate Agent can offer valuable suggestions on marketing ideas, and offer tips on preparing your home so it looks its best when shown to prospective buyers.

6. Your Real Estate Agent will negotiate a higher cost for your home than if you sold it on your own, and possibly drive your offers up and over your listing price. Typically, the incentive for doing it yourself is to save the commission, however, the home buyer will recognize that you are trying to save the commission and will negotiate the cost down. The National Association of REALTORS® has determined that the typical home sells for 3 to 9 ½ percent more when it is sold through a real estate agent. Also, often times, an agent will sell your home in a faster manner, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in accruing mortgage, tax, and insurance payments that you will still need to make, and save you money on time and opportunity costs.

7. A real estate agent can assist you in understanding and adhering to complicated legal and regulatory requirements, thus limiting your exposure to liability during the home selling process.

8. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has enacted some of the strictest environmental laws in the nation; and myriad legal stipulations regarding zoning, fair housing, property disclosure, consumer protection, and building codes require sellers to be more careful about their responsibilities than ever before. Today's sellers need the professional assistance and advice that a real estate agent can provide.

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