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Ron Ifrah
Longwood Residential
Managing Partner/Broker
1404A Beacon Street
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Phone: 617-396-3102
Cell Phone: 617-319-1085
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Quality, Style, Passion

For as long as he can remember, Ron recognized quality and style and he had a passion for living life to the fullest. These qualities were the result of the opportunities created through his unique upbringing and the lessons he learned from his past experiences.
Ron began his journey in Lexington, MA where he spent his early childhood before moving with his family to live in Israel. Ron kept busy in Israel completing school, fulfilling his military commitment and working in his family’s hospitality business. Upon returning to the states, Ron moved to New York to work at the hotel that has become synonymous with the word ‘quality’ - The legendary Waldorf Astoria. There he learned how to meet the needs of a demanding clientele by recognizing the importance of delivering quality customer service.
Ron later opened his own stylish café and expressed his passion for food and wine through his creative tastes for style and design. Ron’s inspirations came from his vast travels to cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Prague and Budapest. Such worldliness brought home an appreciation for diverse cultures and increased his desire to experience all the world has to offer.
It was while Ron was looking for new challenges that he decided to become a Realtor. Selling Real Estate provided Ron the opportunity to share his life experience of delivering exceptional service as well as the opportunity to meet a variety of exceptional people who appreciate the passion, style and commitment that Ron brings to his job.
Now, Ron and his wife, Gal live and work in the Boston area, where Ron has the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and meet many interesting people along the way.
Ron has also bought and sold several investment properties which have provided him with perspective into the stresses and challenges buyers encounter when acquiring property. These experiences brought Ron a deeper understanding of his client’s needs and a desire to provide a level of service and guidance that clients with discerning tastes would not find anywhere else.
Ron is a firm believer in setting goals, working hard to reach those goals and having fun doing so. If you are a person who appreciates the best life has to offer and top quality, style, and passion are traits you associate with, you should contact Ron Ifrah today. Ron’s unique lifetime and service experiences will assure that you are comfortable and you achieve everything you deserve.

If you have any questions call Ron Ifrah at 617-319-1085

Servicing: Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Needham, Newton, Somerville, Wellesley, Weston, Westwood