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We are a full service real estate agency that facilitates the process of selling or buying a home by providing the necessary expertise of both a real estate agent and real estate attorney to our clients. We offer “one-stop” shopping through bundling these essential services and from beginning to end, our clients enjoy a more streamlined and economical transaction. We are aware that not everyone has a background in real estate, so we take the time to explain the entire process to our clients so that they understand what is involved, which enables them to make informed decisions about what is for many, the most financially important and meaningful legal transaction in their lifetime—the purchase or sale of a home.

How we add value to our clients’ bottom line is that in many cases, the entire legal fee that a seller or buyer of real estate typically pays to their lawyer is included in the real estate brokerage commission that we receive, which usually results in a savings of $1,000 or more to our clients.

Founded by Boston Attorney Richard S. Ravosa in 1998, Mr. Ravosa first sought to fill the immediate needs of his firm’s clients by offering these combined services and has since gone on to establish a record of success by completing transactions across Massachusetts. Estate Realty now has a wider client base, which includes assisting clients in the purchase and sale of estate properties, historic buildings and properties that require specialized procedures to obtain approval from Probate Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court prior to consummating the transaction.

Please consider what we can offer you the next time that you are in the market to buy or sell real estate. Whether you are a first time home buyer, seasoned investor, or thinking of selling your long time home, in this real estate market it is to your benefit to have a firm representing you that can effectively negotiate financial terms, prepare the required legal documents and close the deal efficiently.