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"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking"
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Privacy Policy

A Commitment to My Fellow Agents

As a Buyers Agent . . . .
  1. After I show one of your listings, I will give you immediate and detailed feedback. I will be specific and never sugar coat anything.
  2. I only work with motivated and pre-qualified buyers.
  3. I have a great reputation with other agents for my follow-up and ability to get a deal closed (in spite of the many obstacles that seem to surface at the last moment).
  4. I will always do my part and never let my tasks fall on your shoulders. 
  5. I am a full-time agent and will ALWAYS be available to talk to you.

As a Listing Agent . . . .
  1.  I am meticulous about the integrity of my data in MLS. You can be assured my listing sheet is accurate and up-to-date.
  2. My listings are always priced fairly and reflect current market conditions (DOM, absorption, competition, sales ratios, etc).
  3. I will present all offers immediately and respond promptly.
  4. When you submit an offer, I will present (usually in person) the total package to the Sellers including:
a) The ENTIRE purchase offer with ALL addenda. All offers must be in writing - my sellers will NOT negotiate a verbal offer. It is a condition of my listing agreement.
b) Pre-approval letter from a direct lender. (‘pre-approval’ not ‘pre-qualification’). If cash, include ‘proof of funds’.
c) Photocopy of deposit check payable to RE/MAX Welcome Home. Please don’t send me a photocopy of 10 – $100 bills :-)
d) Agency disclosure
e) Include a cover letter with all of your contact information
f) E-mail is the preferred method of submitting an offer. If you fax, please send it to my efax - not the office fax.

a) After you send the offer, pick up the phone and make sure I received it.
b) A letter from the Buyer to the Sellers explaining the offer and why they want the home. 
c) The Buyer's credit score. I will love you for this one. If they have great credit, then prove it to me. I won't even show the Sellers. But it sure does make me warm and fuzzy.
d) If you want to present your offer directly to the sellers, please advise.