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Easel Real Estate Specialists
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Through thick or thin

YOUR home is a major investment, right?

Through thick or thin, EASEL wants you and your family to stay in your home regardless of the curve balls that life may throw at you. For this reason, we talk with you about PROTECTING YOUR INCOME. We call it our HUGS program. HUGS stands for protecting your income to pay for your HOME, UTILITIES, GROCERIES AND SAVINGS PROGRAM. We recommend you ask yourself a series of questions:

First, is a consistent income stream needed to pay the monthly household expenses?

Next, ask yourself, "If I were to get sick or hurt and not be able to go to work; do I want to be able to keep my home?

What would happen if one of the primary income earners died prematurely? Is it important for my family to be able to stay in our home?"

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then we recommend you schedule a time to meet with an Easel Insurance Specialist. Please do not procrastinate the discussion.

It is common for people to think they are fully covered by work-based insurance; however, many times it is insufficient.

Ask yourself, "
When do I want to find out about an income need short fall?"

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