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All About Easel Real Estate Specialists
Please come to us with the good, the bad and the ugly which helps us make each and every transaction you do with us the MOST AMAZING experience ever!

When you are INSANELY HAPPY with our service, we ask you to show us by referring your friends, family members and co-workers to us to provide them with an OUTRAGEOUSLY positive experience as well. In the unlikely event you aren't outrageously happy, please let us know right away so we can make it so.

You are royalty to us! YOU motivate us! YOU motivate US to perform at a VERY high level along our pathway to delivering our very best service to you. Let's do business together - soon!

EASEL Consultants Go Beyond the Front Door Keys
Easel Consultants appreciate the major investment which you have in your home. Your home is your palace, your refuge and the place you do your most important work.

Through thick or thin, we want you and your family to be able to stay in your home. For this reason, we invite to speak with a state licensed Easel Disability Insurance agent. This extended service helps our clients evaluate the risks which could result in losing your home inadvertently. We recommend you ask yourself a series of questions:

First, is a consistent income stream needed to pay the monthly household expenses?

Next, ask yourself, "If I were to get sick or hurt and not able to go to work, do I want to be able to keep my home? Do I need a plan as to how the bills will be paid on time?

What would happen if one of the primary income producers were to die prematurely? Is it important for my family to be able to stay in our home?"

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you should take time to speak with an Easel Insurance Specialist. Using the same signature consultative approach as we do in real estate, we'll help you uncover potential gaps in cash flow should life take an unexpected turn for the worse. Easel Insurance specialists will show you ways to potentially avoid devastating common pitfalls that can derail your family and/or business finances for decades to come.

It is not uncommon at all for people to think they are fully covered because of insurance which they have through their employer; however, the reality is that while work-based benefits may be helpful, they will often fall short of actual income needs. Just ask yourself, "When do I want to find out about an income need short fall - when there is time to correct the short fall or when I'm experiencing the income short fall in real life?"

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Disclaimer: The comments are educational in nature and should be used as advice regarding any particular situation. There is no substitute for professional advice specific to individual circumstance. All consumers are encouraged to seek the advice of professionals in the areas of real estate, law, home construction, and other areas deemed necessary before entering into a legally binding contract.


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