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Linda Champion
Vice President and Managing Broker
CUE Realty (License No. 9917)
1542 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119

Cell Phone: 617.877.0363
Email: championhomebuying@gmail.com

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About Us

CUE Realty LLC is a full service real estate brokerage group. The name stands for Champion Urban Edge Realty LLC.

UEREGB, Inc. was founded in 1974 to address redlining in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood and it subsequently evolved into the current Urban Edge Housing CDC. The foreclosure crisis hit our communities the hardest, prompting Urban Edge to revive UEREGB with the assistance of Linda Champion to provide real estate services to assist under-served, modest income families who were seeking affordable, sustainable home ownership opportunities. Linda Champion has been a real estate attorney broker since 2005 working within Urban Edge’s target area and specializes in working with modest income home buyers and sellers.

On June 3, 2014 UEREGB formed a partnership with Champion and reopened its doors to service the community. The primary purpose of this new entity is to help first time home buyers and potential home buyers and owners of modest means to buy and sell homes in the Urban Edge target area.

CUE Realty compliments the services currently offered by Urban Edge and brings additional value to the communities it serves by providing custom tailored real estate brokerage services to individuals seeking to purchase or sell homes in Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and surrounding communities. Its core focus is to assist low to moderate income families on the pathway to home ownership. Urban Edge works to provide affordable home ownership options that create diverse communities and build wealth for working families.

“The purchase or sale of a home can be an exciting time. We are not looking for a place for families to just live but for a home where they can build and begin their lives. The purchase of a home is one of the biggest purchases a buyer will make in their lifetime and it is an honor to be part of that process.” - Linda Champion

CUE Realty will provide concierge level service to prepare home buyers to enter the market through education and an individualized plan tailored to their own needs. For additional information please contact Linda Champion, 617-877-0363.


Servicing: Boston, Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop