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Toni Nicholas, MBA
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Professional Services:
Toni Nicholas takes pride in knowing that she provides quality service to both sellers and buyers.

With her sellers, she works diligently in marketing the property in a variety of ways to maximize exposure. Marketing efforts include, but are not limited to, company wide communications with customers, direct mail campaigns, exposure on a variety of web sites, and open house campaigns.

Toni also works diligently with loyal buyers who are serious and have made the committment to buy using her services. Working with buyers may include, but are not limited to, providing MLS direct e-mail services, scheduling and coordinating tours of various properties, providing listing sheets, pursuing any answers or information that the customer may request, introducing new - or providing information on - other properties that may be of interest to the buyer, sharing the latest updated information on new listings as gained from a variety of sources (sometimes even before the property gets listed on MLS), conduct research to ensure the buyer is not paying more than market price, writing offers, and facilitating the entire purchase from start to finish.

Toni is committed to providing quality service, and she is working to gain the loyalty of her current and future customers. Loyalty and creating win-win situations - they go hand in hand with TradeMark Realty, Inc.

The Code & the Golden Rule:
Although no longer a member, Toni also abides by the National Association Board of REALTORS' Code of Ethics. She will not knowingly work with, or show property to, any customer who is already committed to working with one agent unless that customer has knowingly decided to change their agent and/or attend an Open House without their agent. (Please see more on Open Houses, below.) She remains committed to the REALTOR Code of Ethics and the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

If a buyer wishes to use Toni's services, she will work at the preferred pace and at the level the buyer wishes. The range of buyer services can range from receiving direct e-mail MLS services and requests to view property up to actively pursuing all available (or unavailable) properties using the criteria the buyer provides. It pays to work with a Professional, Licensed, Full-time Broker... it really does!

(Visit www.REALTOR.com for more information on the private "REALTOR" organization.")

Some of you may wonder why, it seems, that Real Estate Agents are all over the proverbial map when it comes to commissions. Well, perhaps this little discussion may help you out.. just a bit, or, at the very least, provide some food for thought.

Although we are barred, and widely discouraged, from advertising or even talking about specific fees (to avoid price fixing and other questionable practices), many of us do work within a particular range. However, it is that "unpublished" price and that mysterious "range" that seems to add to mistrust and uncertainty of some who need our services in the first place. But, as mentioned, perhaps this little discussion will provide food for thought...

Instead of sellers feeling as though they are either not getting the service an Agent would provide, or feeling that they are paying too much for real estate services, perhaps they should consider the very services being provided for the fee they have agreed to pay.

The real issue is not really the commission amount. The real issue is - what is the seller receiving in exchange for that fee. Obviously, the more knowledgeable a buyer or a seller is, the better they will fare. Both Buyers and Sellers should understand current market conditions as the market is fluid and conditions do affect the price of property. However, Sellers, in particular, should also address the specific services when hiring an Agent to sell their property. Are the fees the same? What if the fee is the same or even higher than that other Agent? Will the service be the same? Am I going to get apples when what I really want is oranges?

In short, yes, there is a range of different commissions being quoted out there. In fact, there are just 'listing' companies, there are passive Agents who will happily list and allow another Agent to bring in a buyer, and there are more agressive Agents who will conduct and pursue marketing efforts to find the right buyer for that property. All will do what sellers hire them to do, but it is up to the seller to determine and define the "what" in the end. It is the "what" which really should determine the commission.

Let there be no gray area - when you hire TradeMark Realty of Lowell to sell your property, you will get nothing less than an aggressive pursuit to do just that. We will not sit passively and wait for another agent to bring in a buyer. We will devise marketing methods best suited for the property, and we will implement them. You can be sure of that!

Open Houses...

For those who may not be aware, when prospective buyers visit an Open House without an agent, they may end up with that showing and/or listing agent as their representative whether they choose to or not. Although this scenario may not be a bad thing, many buyers do not understand the underlying issues of what constitutes a sale, who the agent is really representing, or how agents are paid. Even if a prospective buyer does have an agent (with or without a contract), this scenario of visiting an Open House without their agent by their side may cause problems with any possible offer, negotiations, or the possible sale of the home should they decide to pursue it. In order to make this as short as possible, please know that it is much better to choose and hire that agent before embarking on your search for a home... alone. And, more importantly, to never visit an Open House without, at the very least, pre-registering through your agent. Better yet, bring your agent along. Afterall, being present and active in your pursuit of your new home is your agent's job!

Toni does ask that all prospective buyers bring their respective agents if they wish to attend any of Toni's Open House showings. Conversely, buyers who are being represented by Toni, should notify her that they would like to attend an Open House... preferably not at the very last minute.... For those who are working with Toni and who do come across an impromptu Open House that just can't be resisted... please ask the Open House showing agent whether he or she will honor Toni's card and provide one at the door. Otherwise, buyers may be putting agency relationships in jeopardy (with or without a contract).

* A Note to Agents with regard to Open Houses: Please educate your buyers. Co-Broke agents must accompany their Buyers for every visit. If, however, a buyer attends an Open House without their representative agent, a phone call beforehand, or, at the very least, a business card is a must. Otherwise, if an offer is submitted, please know that the showing agent will have earned full commission. We are all working to earn a living... It is fairly safe to state that, at the end of the day, people who work do expect to be paid at some point. Therefore, please attend all showings and open houses with your buyer or advise them properly. It's only fair to your colleagues... and helps us all abide by the Golden Rule that all REALTORS (R) or all ethical Real Estate Professionals should follow... Thank you for your cooperation and professionalism.

If you hadn't noticed, Toni also likes to dabble in building web-sites, but that is a time-consuming hobby. Although there are a few sites listed here, there are more planned. If and when time allows, you will see these and other sites further developed. In the meantime, your thoughts about content are much appreciated!

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