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Privacy Policy

Clients may select a commission from the choices below or they may custom design a compensation which will best suit their needs

The Commission is paid from the proceeds of the sale of your property. No commission is paid unless, and until, your property is sold!

Basic Limited Services-Screening of buyer calls; financing-approved buyers are then referred to our seller client who handles all showings and open houses; necessary paperwork is provided and assistance is included, broker will serve as escrow agent for deposit funds. Seller pays own advertising costs, agent will approve and submit ads.

MLS Listing- (Multiple Listing Service)- Is the Real Estate Agent's Professional Service which allows your listing to receive exposure to every professionally affilliated real estate broker who subscribes within Massachusetts, this allows more clients to be brought to your listing. Any commission over a 3%, that the agent is fully involved with (as a complete service), will be placed into the MLS service at the sellers discretion.

For the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO)-MLS Entry-Only Listing- We will enter into the MLS for a fee of $300, screen and refer all calls to our seller who then acts as their own selling agent.

Complete Full-Service Listing-Includes compensation of cooperating brokers (MLS), typically, compensation to brokers of half of the earned commission; research and assistance in establishing a fair market value as determined by appraisal cost-approach method, advertising in accordance to ad budget established at listing contract; screening of buyer calls and ensuring preapproval of buyers; broker will handle all showings and open houses (if requested); provide signs and provide complete all necessary forms; facilitate productive communications throughout transaction with all involved parties and their attorneys; attend home inspection, appraisal, required smoke-detector inspection, offer expertise and advisement throughout entire transaction; serve as escrow agent for deposit funds; and bring all necessary paperwork to closing. *Seller may pay a portion of advertising costs depending upon contract terms.

*Limited Services Menu*-Screening of buyer calls; financing-approved buyers will be directed to client; client handles all showings and open houses; agent will provide and complete all necessary forms; attend home inspection and closing, and serve as escrow agent for deposit funds. Seller pays own advertising costs, agent will approve and submit ads. (If awarded this commission on a need-basis) the broker will share in advertising costs or deduct these costs from proceeds of the sale.

*Modified Services*-Custom services between limited and complete services. A portion of advertising budget may be included and open house and showings.

Suggested Commission Rates
1-1.9% Commission Rate:
This is *Very Basic Limited Service*
Ideal for Sales of less than 30 days (see desription above).

2-2.9% Commission Rate:
This rate includes *Limited Services* and is ideal for quick sales, or, for the client who is a do-it-yourself type; also, this rate can be offered to clients (on a financial-need basis) at the broker's discretion.

3% Commission Rate:
This rate includes *Modified Service* and offers the client some flexibility.

4% Commission Rate:
This rate is ideal for the motivated seller. Full service.

6% Commission Rate:
This rate includes *Complete Services* (as described below) for any deal which might be a "difficult sale" or, take over 90 days until closing.

10% Commission Rate:
Commercial Services, reccomended for lengthy deals with longer than usual marketing expectations.

Other Options.....
Flat Rate Services and Modified services are available upon agreement with broker.

How we Alter Listing Price
The commission rates above are negotiated between the seller and agent and are based upon selling price. The listing price will be agreed upon between the seller and listing broker utilizing the broker's advisement and expertise of current market value expectation for the property.

Listing prices are determined in accordance with the cost approach appraisal method of current market value.

Price adjustments will be made every 21 days of market time; or sooner, at seller's discretion.

"At Options, the Client Saves Money on Every Transaction"

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