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Tips on Preparing the Exterior
Before your prospective buyers even enter your home, they are evaluating the exterior.
Do not underestimate the importance of ‘curb appeal’ since many are extremely aware of how their new
home will be perceived on a drive-by!

It is worthwhile to give your attention to the condition of your roof and trim.
Turn the hose on the exterior to remove sediment from shedding trees or from rain splatters at lower levels.
Shine or replace worn door knockers and hardware. Replace or remove torn screens or damaged storm windows.

Make sure exterior lights are working and have new bulbs - some buyers like to cruise by your home
at night to see how it looks. Give a fresh coat of paint to the trim, exterior doors and shutters and you’ll be amazed
at how this inexpensive spruce-up will make your home look brighter and newer.

Ask yourself a few questions:
Does your yard look well maintained?
Are the trees and bushes trimmed?
Is your lawn mowed and edged?
Is your lawn free of weeds and trash?
Are the decks and patios clean?

Be meticulous about the lawn and shrubbery and strategically place flowering plants on steps or in window boxes.
Remember to water and trim your plants since all is lost if they are not maintained.
Overall, you want to create a feeling that the home is lovingly cared for, since it is the subliminal
impression of care and attention that will pay dividends in terms of getting your asking price.

Tips on Preparing the Interior
First look at your home with critical eyes and list the things that need attention.
You don’t need to take on a major home improvement – take small steps and tackle the
most needed improvements first, keeping in mind two words: CLEAN and UNCLUTTERED.

Inspect your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, and closets - because your buyers will!
Get the dirt out and keep it out for as long as your home is on the market.
New toilet seats,fixtures or faucets can make all the difference in the world.
New hardware can transform your cabinets or doors. Hire a cleaning lady once a week if necessary.
Bathrooms and the kitchen must be kept spotless.

Remove all inside clutter, including small appliances and gadgets from countertops.
Put away knickknacks, mementos and family pictures to depersonalize your home.
Organize closets, kitchen cabinets and pantries to make them look bigger and more appealing.

Hardwood floors should be polished and carpets shampooed or, if they’re in bad shape, replaced.
Buyers will always notice and remember floors. If your ceilings are dingy, a quick coat of ceiling
paint will undo years of wear and tear. Consider updating old-fashioned light fixtures.
In general they lack eye appeal and may signal replacement expense – something buyers are always wary of.

Brighten your walls. If you’ve haven’t painted or wallpapered in recent years, consider repainting
your rooms in neutral colors. Clean your windows. You want your home to look as light and bright as possible.
Dirty or spotted windows drag down a home’s appearance.

Got pets? You may love your family pet, but others may not...leave no trace of pets for a prospective buyer to see or smell!

Lastly, apply the old standbys: Cut flowers on tables, soft music in the background, cinnamon
and cloves simmering on the stovetop. You can get creative because the basics have been cared for…

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