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Moving Checklist for Sellers

□ Provide the post office with your forwarding address two to four weeks ahead of the move.

□ Notify your doctors, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and bank of your change of address.

□ Create a list of friends, relatives, and business colleagues who need to be notified about your move.

□ Arrange to disconnect utilities and have them connected at your new home.

□ Cancel the newspaper, or change the address so it will arrive at your new home.

□ Check insurance coverage for the items you’re moving. Usually movers only cover what they pack.

□ Clean out appliances and prepare them for moving, if applicable.

□ Note the weight of the goods you’ll have moved, since long-distance moves are usually billed according to
weight. Watch for movers that use excessive padding to add weight.

□ Check with your condo or co-op about any restrictions on using the elevator or particular exits for moving.

□ Have a “first open” box with the things you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, scissors,
hammer, screwdriver, pencils and paper, cups and plates, water, snacks, and toothpaste.


□ Get copies of medical and dental records and prescriptions for your family and your pets.

□ Get copies of children’s school records for transfer.

□ Ask friends for introductions to anyone they know in your new neighborhood.

□ Consider special car needs for pets when traveling.

□ Let a friend or relative know your route.

□ Empty your safety deposit box.

□ Put plants in boxes with holes for air circulation if you’re moving in cold weather.


Create a Moving Day Checklist
Following a list makes it faster and easier to move
By Laura Sherman

Make Sure you have labeled and packed all your boxes, notified everyone of your change of address, eaten all your frozen goods so nothing goes to waste and done all the other preliminary prep work needed for the move into your new home.

Moving day is rarely stress free and without some problems. But if you start early and plan well, allowing extra time for the unexpected, you can ease the pressure.

Make sure each box is marked to indicate the room where it should go. If you want to get fancy, color code each room, or apply stickers to boxes to match stickers on the door of appropriate room in the new house. Movers can follow this system easily to get your boxes where they should go.
Tell the movers which boxes are fragile. Mark boxes with arrows to indicate which side is up.

Do an inventory of all your belongings. Log each box and its contents while packing. It will help you and the movers track all your possessions.
Plan to leave your old home after the movers have loaded the truck. It is very important that you check to make sure that the movers have everything. It can be very expensive to ship things left behind. Of course you need to look through every room, but also make sure to check:

• Cupboards and shelves
• Closets
• Built-in safes
• Attic
• Basement
• Outdoor sheds
• Storage areas
• Garage

Carry important items with you rather than leaving them with the movers. Some things you’ll want to take with you are:

• Passports, birth certificates and other IDs for every member of the family
• Medical records for family members and pets
• School records
• Bank statements
• Contact information
• Maps and Realtor® information
• Medicines
• Valuables
• Insurance documents
• Your laptop
• Items with sentimental value

Here are some other tips for a successful moving day:

• Don’t disconnect utilities until the day after the move to make sure you have electricity and running water.
• Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks for the day.
• Be kind to your movers. Offer them beverages and snacks. Happy movers will go the extra mile for you.
• Pack your suitcases with clothes for a few extra days. Even if you’re moving a short distance, pack an overnnight batg. It
might hard to find everything you need once you arrive.
• Plan to be present when the movers are loading and unloading in case the movers have questions.
• Hire a babysitter for the children if possible. If not, plan activities for them to keep them out of the way of the movers. Do the
same with pets.
• Make sure the movers have a clear path around your home. Remove all rugs and floor mats, as well as any hanging items.
• Bring cash with you for the trip and incidentals. If you plan to tip the movers, make sure to have enough cash for that.


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